Saturday, December 11, 2010

Randon Finds

This is a Flight Center Man that just happen to be standing around in our neighborhood.... lol

This is my great find when we were looking for computer keyboards in hard rubbish.
This TV is awesome, I was not aloud to bring it home so I made everyone stand around while I took photos....
This was an awesome find I wish I could of taken it

Another random TV this one was just cute and I liked how it was sitting

I am always on the lookout for odd finds I carry my camera with me everywhere.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Art at the Hart Artist Market December 4th and 5th

This is my setup at The Art at the Hart Artist Market down at Port Adelaide on December 4th and 5th of December. I did take some more framed photos down on Sunday but I forgot to take more photos.
It was so busy down there I did not have time to take photos of the whole market, it was a great weekend I can not wait till next year.

This is Sara's and Bec's Set up...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Playing with the scanner

Custom Volkswagens

These are two custom Volkswagen images that I put together.

This pink one was for a fellow artist who also loves Volkswagen Kombi's and the colour Pink.

This one was for a Lynne who came to exhibition opening and the only Green Volkswagen image had already been sold. So she asked for a custom Volkswagen, she originally asked for a single image of a Beetle in green, so I cut three different types and then had 9 different green pasterns for her to choose from. However once she saw all there and we played with them a while she decided she would like all of them in one frame.

I have had a few other request for custom Volkswagen prints and have been told I should sell these at art markets...

Monday, October 18, 2010

All my Cameras...

All my cameras... except 5 that I found after.
Some have names...

Bernard the black box brownie,
Bob the brown box brownie,
Mia the Mamiya C330 (TLR),
Penny the Pentax MZ-50,
Peper the Pentax Asahi,
Con the Consina,
Polly the silver and black Polaroid SX 70,
Paul the dark brown Polaroid SX 70,
Percy the light brown Polaroid SX 70,
Poppy the all black Polaroid SX 70,
Yosi the Yassica (TLR),
Cameron the Cannon,
Patricia the Practica,
Tiny the Traveler (the really small camera in the front),
Ronnie the Rondine (the little red camera in the front),
Helga the Holgs 120n,
Di the Diana F (one with the lens cap and flash on)
Dianna the Diana F (one with no lens cap and flash off)
Tigger the Holga 35mm.

Something new

Some new stuff that i played with today...