Friday, March 26, 2010

Abstract VW

My first idea was to cut out the windows and lights, but there is just something about them that I was not quite happy about.

I chose the images that go behind by trying a few and going with the ones that seamed to fit just quite right. Hopefully you a agree with what i chose.

I like this one (above) the best out of the three of them.

Then while cutting out the last one above I thought wouldn't it be great to cot out shapes of the cars panels and then layer a colour images on the back side so they look like they are all painted up.

I am really happy with these I love them they have come out AWESOME!

The next six are black and white photos with a colour image on the back.

These next five images are colour images with black and white images behind them.

Now this next group I cut out the VW's and then cut out the shapes of its body. Then I put them on some colour and black and white backgrounds.
These are quite interesting and I like them a lot.

Over all I am really happy with all these VW images my most fav's are once I started cutting out the body shapes of the VW's.
They are all quite Funky.

I hope you have enjoyed these as much as I enjoy them.

Family Photos with a Twist Part Two

Well these are the second stage of my Family Photos with a Twist Series. These are the negative shapes that were left over after I cut out the people and then I layered abstract images underneath them.

These are black and white photos layered with black and white photos. I like them the best as they are more abstract and cohesive as a series. Though I did also try them in colour.

These are the ones I tried in colour, I like them they are nice but just not as pleasing as the black and white on black and white combination above.

This one reminds me of Micheal Jackson.... The shape and the shinny bits looks like what he use to wear and how he stood.... What do you think?

I like how the button hear makes eyes on one of the bodies... it would of been great if both were like this.

I hope you like what I have done and please feel free to leave comments I love feedback it makes for better work.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Family Photos with a Twist

These are some more Photo montage work but instead of using Polaroids I have used some old photos that I was lent by a family friend. Then I drew some skulls and gas masks and placed them over the faces of some of the people in the images.
Thus the name "Family Photos with a twist".

I would like to thank my friend for lending me these photos, I have found so many awesome uses for them they are great.
I hope you like these, personally I prefer the ones with the gas masks but I am really happy with how they have turned out.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo Montage with Polaroids

The flowing images are of some Photo Montage with Polaroids that I have been playing with.

This one is a montage to my love of the Polaroid, specifically the SX-70.

I just liked this combination, and I thought this quote went well with the photograph.

This one is about travel, I have lots of photographs of this lady and all of the photographs are from a holiday she went on with her husband.

This one and quite a few of these are personal to me, this is a Polaroid of one of my X-rays and the writing is how we used to feel every time we went for yearly tests.

This one again is personal, the image is of a medical device that I used to have to wear called a Millwalkie Brace, it had buckles and screws that would hold it on me. I hated it and would struggle when mum put it on me eventually working out how to get out of it.
So I placed the text 'Why do you resist?"

Again a personal one and it is also about waiting for results. The image is of one of my MRI scans.

This is about working through things even when they are tough and finding your way.

This is about resisting giving up.

Well there is nothing much interesting behind this one, I just thought it looked dream like.

This next group are using words from a dictionary.

This is another personal one, the image is my Brace and the word is affix... and the brace was attached to me... affixed.

Another personal one. The image is one of my MRI and the word is affright... we were always frightened about what the MRI would reveal.

You guessed it... personal again. The image is my brace and the word is A-frame... the brace was my structure my frame...

Well this one is simple, a Polaroid and the word Polaroid.

Now this one is challenging ones perception and understanding of things, the image is a car and I am telling you that its an Aeroplane, and who are you to challenge what I am telling you...

This next group of images is just some old photos or images placed on some abstract Polaroids.

I love the combination of the black and white photo and the brown abstract shapes in the background.

Again the combination of the black and white photo of the little boy and the brown abstract shapes in the background. I also like the Y shape in the background and that he is standing in a shape of an upside down Y.

Well what can I say about this one... I think it need a bit of an explanation. Firstly this image is from the Move The Exorcist. I needed a colour image to put over this Polaroid because it is black and white itself and the black and white children photographs did not look right.
So this one is a little disturbing but I like it.....

These artworks were inspired by an artist I found on Flicker... Kerry Ball, she is an American based artist and her work is awesome I suggest you go have a look at her work.

Her Flicker Page:

Her Web Page:

Well I hope you like what i have made I am really happy with them and have so many more ideas so I am sure I will be putting more up soon.