Sunday, June 27, 2010


Well I recently saw a documentary on ABC2 called 1000 Journals.
It was so awesome and inspired me to start my own.

I have purchased a hardcover journal and have decorated the cover and will be filling some pages soon.I then plan to pass it on to friends so they can add pages to it, they can do what ever they want use as many pages as they like and they have 2 weeks.
I think this will be awesome I cant wait to see what my friends think and do.

If you want more information have a look at the 1000 journals projects web sights....

I hope this also inspires you to try it yourself.
We are all creative you just need to set yourself fee and let the creativeness flow.


Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have recently been doing a Digital class, not really my thing but a subject I have to do to get my Diploma. That Said I have learned some interesting tips. Last week we talked about Panoramas and these are my attempts, now I have not colour or light corrected them so some look a bit patchy but I really like them that way

I hope you like them...

These top two are from when I did Camera 1 in 2007 to make joiners.... similar to panoramas but you print the photos out and stick them together yourself. A big job but fun.
I think they came out alright.

This one was harder to do as the computer got confused with were to place the photos. This is not as effective as my Joiner version but I like the patchiness and the lines.

Now these two black and white street Panoramas were taken during class, but I only just put them together. I had them in colour originally but they are much nicer in Black and White.

I do not know if this counts as a Panorama but I have lots of studio shots of my dad in Low key lighting and I thought in would be nice to do some combination. This came out awesome.... hopefully I can use it for assessment.... fingers crossed

This is another old Joiner from Camera one, It is my fathers bike. I thought this one would be quite hard but the computer did most of the work I only had to place two images and fix a little problem....
Again I love the lines and patchiness.

And this well is just something I did for fun. It is some of my medium format cyanotypes that I scanned in and joined together.....

Hope you like them.... not my best work but then this is just a place to show you what I have been up to.