Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Opening

Well I know I have been a bit slack and letting you know about the opening of my exhibition Male Female Disabled, I have had a lot on with orders and feedback.

The Opening went fabulous I had about 30 people turn up and most were people I did not know and also had experiences with disability.
I got lots of fabulous feedback and made some sales witch is always a great thing.

The fanny thing about the day, that was not so funny on the day was the fact that we had been given the wrong key so we could not get in and though I had the grounds mans number it was one number short so I had to call 4 wrong people and ask if they were Ian... lol
Eventually we did get in an hour late rushed everything together and had no other issues that day....

I am so glad that my work has been well received and I have met some absolutely awesome people. I hope this work with continue to inspire and provoke people and will continue to be success full.

On a Final note Bedford did an absolute marvelous job with the catering everyone loved it.

The exhibition is up till the end of the fringe festival so if your in Adelaide get down and see it in person.
If you would like to buy any of the pieces write down the name and how you want it and send me a message via the contact tab above.

Hope you are all doing fabulous till next time

Evangelia Karagoegos