Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Crafternoon Collaboration

This big Face monster is an artistic Collaboration between my Friend Anja and Myself at one of our Crafternoons ..... He is me sized lol

I keep calling it He but it had a womb and baby's that come out if its tummy. I still have to make the umbilical cord and attach the baby's to it.

I think its fabulious I am really happy with it. He/ She is filled with just over 1 kilo of stuffing.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Opening

Well I know I have been a bit slack and letting you know about the opening of my exhibition Male Female Disabled, I have had a lot on with orders and feedback.

The Opening went fabulous I had about 30 people turn up and most were people I did not know and also had experiences with disability.
I got lots of fabulous feedback and made some sales witch is always a great thing.

The fanny thing about the day, that was not so funny on the day was the fact that we had been given the wrong key so we could not get in and though I had the grounds mans number it was one number short so I had to call 4 wrong people and ask if they were Ian... lol
Eventually we did get in an hour late rushed everything together and had no other issues that day....

I am so glad that my work has been well received and I have met some absolutely awesome people. I hope this work with continue to inspire and provoke people and will continue to be success full.

On a Final note Bedford did an absolute marvelous job with the catering everyone loved it.

The exhibition is up till the end of the fringe festival so if your in Adelaide get down and see it in person.
If you would like to buy any of the pieces write down the name and how you want it and send me a message via the contact tab above.

Hope you are all doing fabulous till next time

Evangelia Karagoegos

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Male Femal Disabled My Fringe Exhibition

Click on the image to see all the information clearly ...
Visit the official web page for more information and photos

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Bitchin' Stitchin'

After my first Crafternoon I became very obsessed with making softies and this is the result...

This is my own creation I made up the design myself I call him the cactus monster...

This is finished green Cactus monster

Cactus monster with my first toy face monster....

And now and orange cactus monster :-)

Finished orange cactus monster :-)

Both my cactus monsters with my face monster

Friendly Bunny

Evil Red Bunny

Both the bunnies

All together

At this stage I was leaving pins everywhere and my sister even sat on some so I though it was time to make myself a pin cushion....
so tada...

In the book my friend Anja lent me there was a pattern for these little tea bags that are the size of a tea bag which is so cute. They were difficult to work out but fun to put together.

Tea bags all together...

All my creations together again :-)

Now this is a little elephant I put together for my sister... its not full pattern size and I had a few problems with this material but it came out great and she loves it. :-)

I hope you like my creations so far I love making them....
On my last crafternoon Anja and I went in to the city bough socks and softies pattern books and when home and made sock monkeys.... that will be my next post stay tuned...

Saturday, January 8, 2011


On Wednesday the 5th January 2011 I have a Crafternoon with my Friend Anja.
We spent the afternoon Sowing Face Monsters and this is mine.
This is the first time I have ever sowed a softies .....

This is the start I am sowing on the back...

This is it all sown together but inside out.

In the right way but no stuffing

My stuffed Face monster .... douse'nt she look cute with no arms and legs lol

One leg on but not quite in the right place .... we were joking that it kind of looked like she had a big penis.... lol

My friend Anja drawing up her pattern for her zombie face monster.

Two legs thats much better...

And now she has an arm.

Anja sowing her zombie face monster.

And wala my finished face monster... I am so impressed that I was able to make her she is fantastic.....

My face monster with one of Anja's creations a sock monkey.

My face monster with two of Anja's other face monsters/

And my face monster at home.

This was such a fantastic afternoon it was so much fun and I absolutely love my face monster she is awesome... I cant believe I was able to make it...
I have now become obsessed with making softies and there is already another post on them on the way so stay tuned.

I hope to have another crafternoon with Anja soon, to make some sock monkey's this time... :-)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Semaphore Community Market January 2nd 2011

These are some photos from my stall and a few extras from the January 2nd Semaphore Community Market 2011.

They had a few cancellation so I was moved inside and got to bring extra things and spread across two tables. Which was just awesome.
Such a great community market and a great time of year to participate with all the holiday makers coming down. I even had a few Friends Visit me.

There was a little band that played for a few hours at the beginning of the market it was really nice.

and this is TIM.... Hi Tim.... he popped down to stay hi and we roped him in to staying for a while and chat :-).
I had not seen Tim in years it was great catching up.