Friday, July 23, 2010

Things I have made

These are some of the things that I have been making lately. I hope to be able to sell them at the Artist Market in Port Adelaide in December. I applying for a stall to two friends so fingers crossed. Oh and maybe the Adelaide Guerilla Marker....

These are Camera Key ring's they are about the size of your hand. I also plan to make little pouches out of them for your Phone, iPhone, iPod.
I sow them by hand they are so fun to make.

This is something I made for myself a Polaroid Badge.

These are little camera badges.

These are specifically for the market. I have only got 12 of these frames cant seam to find any more of them.
There are little 4"x4" sketches/ doodles I did myself.

Well these do not have a name yet. But there are little cigarette boxes that I do up in the inside do a little sketch. doodle make a little book with a little quote. The possibilities with these are endless I have only made these two but have heaps of the little boxed and loads of ideas.

There is a bit more info on these on my Web page:

So feel free to go have a look.

Guerilla Art

Got a little inspired to look into Guerilla Art by a friend and the writter Keri Smith. Also know of a Guerilla market here in Adelaide that I would love to get involved in.
So these are my attempt at a little bit of Guerilla art, I add little eyed to random object and take a photo before I leave.

My first was My iPod cover then the glove box of our car....

The rest are random locations not going to tell you were that are that is the point of Guerilla art...

My next idea is little quotes/ saying with little sketches/ doodles on them.

Interesting things

These are some random shots that I have taken with the little camera that I have with me all the time. I love some of the stuff that I get with this camera.

These are Shots from down at Northpark Shopping Center.

These are from Monopara Shopping Center.

This was down on Glen Osmond Road near Bar 9.

I trashed trolly from Tea Tree Plaza Shopping Center. This is the second trolly I have found that has been trashed like this. The last one was at Port Adelaide.

The Mummy Sheep.... Taken in Jackalope Studio Gallery.

Just thought this house was interesting and I think this shot looks great.

Leafs from down the Parade Norwood.