Saturday, January 8, 2011


On Wednesday the 5th January 2011 I have a Crafternoon with my Friend Anja.
We spent the afternoon Sowing Face Monsters and this is mine.
This is the first time I have ever sowed a softies .....

This is the start I am sowing on the back...

This is it all sown together but inside out.

In the right way but no stuffing

My stuffed Face monster .... douse'nt she look cute with no arms and legs lol

One leg on but not quite in the right place .... we were joking that it kind of looked like she had a big penis.... lol

My friend Anja drawing up her pattern for her zombie face monster.

Two legs thats much better...

And now she has an arm.

Anja sowing her zombie face monster.

And wala my finished face monster... I am so impressed that I was able to make her she is fantastic.....

My face monster with one of Anja's creations a sock monkey.

My face monster with two of Anja's other face monsters/

And my face monster at home.

This was such a fantastic afternoon it was so much fun and I absolutely love my face monster she is awesome... I cant believe I was able to make it...
I have now become obsessed with making softies and there is already another post on them on the way so stay tuned.

I hope to have another crafternoon with Anja soon, to make some sock monkey's this time... :-)

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